Our Approach

When you hire our firm, we take a team approach. You can feel confident knowing that you are represented by attorneys with more than forty years of collective experience. We work together to make sure that your interests are protected and that you get justice.

We do this because your case is important. We fight on behalf of our clients who often come to us feeling powerless and voiceless. We represent the injured, the voiceless, and the accused. We are driven by our clients’ achieving justice. We work hard to give our clients a voice, a level playing field and a fair fight for justice.

We consciously take fewer cases to devote more personal attention and focus to those we handle. We have also developed a ‘paperless’ firm model and employ the latest technological innovations to efficiently streamline our ability to represent our clients. As a result, we can more persuasively tell our client’s unique story.

Additionally, each of us have the knowledge and requisite qualifications to obtain court appointment on serious and complex cases for indigent clients. We each began our careers as public defenders. It is a guiding principle of our firm that we always handle a percentage of cases for those that could not otherwise afford our services.

If we cannot help you ourselves, we will find those who can. In our past careers, we developed a network of attorneys who share our values for creating better situations for those who are injured, accused, or otherwise in need of legal help.

Put our experience to work as your champion and standard bearer in making sure your rights are defended and interests given voice.Contact Hart Jarvis Chang to arrange a free consultation by calling (425) 615-6346 or emailing us at info@hartjarvischang.com.